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When generating leads, three things are important:

-Ensuring your leads are high quality.

-Ensuring they are pre-sold on your services.

-Ensuring they can afford your services.

Typical Lead Generation Activities:

The best way to generate leads is often to use a mix of different strategies – hopefully ones which can work together to improve both the quantity and quality of leads.

  • Blogging / Content
    You’ve surely heard the term “content marketing” by this point. It’s a popular strategy and an effective one if done right. Content marketing has the power to generate leads but also to pre-sell those leads, making life easier for your sales team.

  • Social Media
    Social media is one of those things that can work well or not so well. When it does work, it is a great way to network and make yourself known to potential leads and influencers. It also gives your brand more personality, which can be helpful.

  • Advertising
    This is the classic lead generation method, and it’s not going anywhere. It will always have the potential to generate business, but it’s also usually the most expensive and making it work can be tough.

What Does A Lead Generation Specialist Do?

A lead generation specialist will generally offer a handful of services, but the main two are:

  • Generating new leads.

  • Pre-qualify leads in order to make the sales funnel more efficient.


-Highschool Diploma.


-Possibility to make your own schedule.

-Tools and partnership advantages.

-Opportunity to start a mortgage career.

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